Adorable handmade wedding invitations

Having in mind that wedding invitations are the very first impression of your big day, make them exceptional and unforgettable. If you want to make a unique wedding invitation, handcrafted invitations are your best option.

There are a lot of companies that make different types of invitations. So in case you don’t have the time or creativity to do this, you can choose from the wide range of our suggested handmade invitations. Each and every one of them is handcrafted using materials with high quality, such as satin, ribbons, crystals, pearls, glitter and embellishment. The words, font, and style are carefully chosen, which make each invitation full of elegance and rustic charm.

There are different personalities, therefore there are also different types of invitations, all made with a final goal of completing your love story.


Assuming that you prefer simplicity, yet elegant and classy style, you can choose gold and silver stamping on the invitation. The use of gleaming gold and luminous silver, are perfect for those ones who have a chic taste and don’t want to spend a fortune on wedding invitations.

Supposing that you are more sentimental, you can personalize your wedding invitation by including an adorable photo of you and your fiancé. With this, you will add the missing unique and individual touch to your invitation.

And for those of you with more of a rustic spirit and preferences of vintage styles, there are also beautifully crafted invitations, with an eye-catching detail to make your guests impressed. These invitations are most often handcrafted with brown paper textures in combinations with thermography printing. They will definitely meet your needs whether you are more of a glamorous or romantic type of person.

So, no matter whose wedding ceremony you are planning, consider using these handmade wedding invitations and give your future guests an early sign about your big day.

It’s your turn to share your ideas of your favorite custom wedding invitation, which will impress your guests and express your genuine taste!

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