An inspiring handmade story gone the right way!

If you haven’t already heard, you probably will in the next couple of years about this amazing handmade duo that produces leather items for bicycles, cannabis collection, bags and many more items. Marie and her husband Geoff is the perfect couple who started working together and making their dreams come true together. Their company is called Walnut studiolo and it really is a studio.

Her husband is the designer in the company, and she runs the organizational part of it. Their personal inspiration is that handmade products require a constant improvement and having an eye for details. They came up with the idea of using leather for making their products because they shared the bonding from the summers they spent in Oregon riding horses.

So Geoffrey decided to use his favorite material for the thing he misses the most – a leather u lock holster. He kept forgetting his and he kept wishing it was made from leather. So he decided to go for it. His wife was so amazed by the design and practicality of the product so she decided to start selling it online. After he saw the initiative and admiration from his wife, Geoffrey designed a whole series of leather products. They were selling like cookies on Etsy, so they decided that they should establish a personal relationship with the clients and move on to another online sale site. Shopify was their second choice which allowed them the flexibility they needed and the personal connections with their clients.

After this, they implemented their own social media marketing campaign which got them even more sales and referrals. Nowadays, Walnut studio is working with full steam and they are still increasing the range of their products. However, the style always stays the same!

Have you even heard of Walnut studio? Do you like their products or their story? Share your opinions with us in the comment section bellow, we would love to hear from you!


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