The connection between the jewelry that you wear and the energy you receive

According to the experts, rings are the most evident proof of your character, and also the biggest magnets of positive energy.

The researchers show that jewelry which you wear shows your character and also your preferences. So, the next time when you put a ring on, a necklace or maybe earrings, consider that you are not just wearing jewelry; you are showing the world your deepest feelings, desires or flaws.

Dr. Ejmeri Vislon, who studied this subject, stated that women who wear necklaces are more determined and in love with their life. On the other hand, those who are more addicted to rings are more in touch with the reality. So, if you wear your wedding ring, in a way you are showing the world that you are more of a traditional woman. On the other side, if you prefer wearing big rings with precious stones, the world will perceive you as a type of person who is always right and knows your exact preferences and needs.

Gold and silver jewelry

Women who wear gold rings, gold necklaces or bracelets, tend to be more opened, sincere, reliable and friendly. If however, a person is wearing a discrete piece of jewelry, like a gold watch, for instance, she is admiring beautiful possessions. Nevertheless, if she prefers a silver jewelry, she is more likely to leave her life according to the rules.

A woman who doesn’t wear jewelry at all doesn’t necessarily mean that she cannot afford it. Instead, she might care more of the “content” than the packaging. They don’t care how people react to them or how they are perceived by others. Those kinds of people, don’t compromise. They might even be too honest and their friends love them for it.

Men and earrings

Men who wear big diamond earrings are simply announcing the world that they have very high survival skills and they are in a stable financial situation. It is a symbol of their recent success and status. It shows that they are ready to spend their resources on the right people, places, and stuff. They are usually attracted to a partner who will be impressed by their status and their rise in the society.

The assumptions in this article are based on psychological researchers who concluded that most people who wear similar type of jewelry have similar aspirations. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. For this reason, you shouldn’t blindly follow these pointers. Instead, give every person the benefit of the doubt, no matter how big their earring or ring is!

If you have something to add to the subject, leave us a comment in the comment section bellow. Join our discussion and shine with your jewelry!

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