Handmade Business: Understand your Buyers’ Behavior

Buyers are not dull. They know exactly what they want and they are looking for the perfect solution for their needs. The psychology behind their behavior is that they want a product which will make them feel good. After choosing such product they are trying to rationalize their decision with rational reasons. This is the main reason why people tend to buy big expensive products easier than small expensive products. If they are to buy a small and expensive product you should increase the value to the product with a story or emphasize the significance of the product.

Trust creates more sales. However, trust is not something which is created in a virtual world. Even though digital marketing is a great strategy in order to create awareness for your product and even generate some sales, individual contact is priceless. For this reason, most grand sales are made with a face to face meeting which closes the deal. Handmade fairs and craft shows are the opportunity to do so yourself. At these events, you will have the opportunity to meet your buyers and create an image for them. You will have the chance to get to know their tastes and improve your products accordingly.

Social proof might be the most important thing which will generate a wave of sales. This means that the more crowded your booth is, people will wonder about the reason and come check it out. Social proof helps clients make confident decisions and it stands for one of the most powerful psychological convictions. By using the social proof successfully, you are persuading your clients that they are making the safe choice which many people before them did. Consequently, the higher the perceived risk related to the purchase, less likely it is for the purchase to happen.

If you want to integrate this concept to your handmade business, we recommend putting some testimonials on your website, pictures with satisfied clients or even invite your friends over to your booth for social proof simulation.

Are you aware of these buyers’ behaviors? Which selling strategies are you incorporating in your handmade business? Share your thoughts in the comments bellow.

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