Handmade candles: a complete guide to buying house candles

There is a certain type of comfort and relaxation in watching a fire, even if it is a candle fire. People are always gathering around the fire, lighting candles around them for creating a positive atmosphere. The first evidence of candle producers was found in 500 BC and they were made from tallow. Of course, the smell of a burning candle was much different but so were the elements which are releasing from the fumes. Even though the Romans kept it simple and produced candles with only beeswax and tallow, some parts of the world were trying to modernize the candle making process. In India, candles were manufactured from another type of wax which was made from boiling cinnamon. They were using these candles for their temples and they believed that they are clearing the air from negative energy. They also had a very pleasant smell as opposed to tallow candles.

Nevertheless, all candle producers all around the world had one thing in common. The flame from a candle was and still represents certain calmness and energy purification. Nowadays, there are many types of candles produced from different materials. Some candle manufacturers focus on the healthy properties of the material used while others are focusing on the smell and decoration. There is even an art form of candle producing techniques which are made by carving them with specific tools intended uniquely for the process.

However, when buying candles there are few things you need to consider. First of all, the wick is often treated with chemicals in order to burn more slowly. If you want to focus on a healthier candle, make sure you buy from a manufacturer who treats the cotton wicks with salt solutions. Even though these candles burn more intensely, they are also healthier.

The wax base can be made from bee’s wax, cinnamon wax or synthetic mixture. It is not a coincidence that bee’s wax candles are most desired. When a synthetic base candle is burning, it is releasing in the air toxic chemicals which you are breathing in. However, bee’s wax candles have the opposite effect. They are even known to cause a calming effect on the body.

The molding of the candle is the last process of the candle production and it should only match your own preferences and tastes. There are no advice from our part when it comes to taste. Every person has its own preferences.

If you after reading this candle guide you still have a question regarding the subject, pop us a question in the comment section bellow, we would be glad to help! Enjoy your candles in the coziness of your home!

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