Handmade fairs and craft shows – Double your sales and increase your earnings!

Good morning dear handmade workers. Handmade fairs are getting closer and we are all very excited about it. Here comes the moment you have been preparing for. It is bad that a person who has the ability and patience to do handmade items also has to master the selling process. However, at the beginning of your handmade business, before having the budget for hiring another person more suitable for the job, you are the one who has to handle it. Craft shows are a tricky business. After doing the craft show booth design and you have every handmade item in order, next you should master the selling process. In addition, you have some tips and strategies which will make you a good sales person and your customers happy!

Get more leads on your booth

The most important thing for this to happen is, of course, your booth design. It should be easy to look at, not messy and attractive to the eye. You should also prepare a space on your table for wrapping and payment. However, if you like a person to come to your booth you should direct him to it. A good strategy for doing so it implementing feet trails which will lead to your boot with an interesting design. Foot trail is a widely used marketing strategy which is relatively cheap and easy to implement. It is influencing the subconscious of the client by leading them directly to your booth.

Don’t attack the client

Of course, this doesn’t mean an actual attack, but a more subtle way of doing so. When a client comes to a booth, people tend to get over serving and suffocate the client with attention. By doing so, the client feels unpleasant and instead of looking to what he is really interested in, he is focusing his attention on getting away from all the drama. For this reason, it is better that you let him know that you are at his disposal for every question he might have and leave him the space to look at your items. After a while, if you feel like he is indecisive, share some information about the item he is drawn to or a story connected to it. Of course, there are different types of clients and you should act with every type differently.

Send him away with a brochure or other marketing material

Handmade fairs and craft shows are the perfect way of getting in touch with people. Many people mistake the main goal of these fairs. Your strategy here should be to make long term customers which will remember you and come back every time they need the item that you are selling. If you are looking at a fair craft as a way to sell as many products as possible you could manage to do so, but it would be a one-time opportunity. For this reason, chat with clients and make them reveal something about their taste and preferences. After this, send them off with a brochure and a feeling of having a pleasant conversation. I guarantee you, that customer will come back to your booth and be a loyal client to your company.

These strategies are just the tip of the iceberg of all the marketing strategies which are crucial for a successful craft show. However, by implementing them, you will definitely get some loyal subscribers and customers which will increase your monthly income.

If you have any questions or doubts, or you would like to share an experience on your own, we encourage you to do so in the comment section bellow. We would love to hear about your craft shows experiences and improve them together!

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