Handmade Products Wholesale: the next step in the Handmade Business

You have been making handmade products for years. You even started selling them online with a relative amount of success. What now, is this the end of the handmade story for you? The answer is not if you don’t want it to be. In fact, the next step, looking from a business perspective would be promoting your handmade products to the next lever – handmade products wholesale!

This is certainly a level of your business in which you will start to make some real profit if you learn how to play wisely. Before continuing to the pointers and steps you should take in order to get here, we need to discuss pricing. Selling one item and selling 100 items could not be the same price per item. And every handmade producer must wrap his head around this. You should, of course, display the one price item, but when a client orders more than 10 items, he should feel like he gets something in return. This is how companies make loyal customers. In a way, this is making the client feel special, so he tends to preserve that special bond with his supplier.

Of course you should participate in wholesale craft shows, but first, you need to explore the retail options you have at your disposal. This means that before attending the craft show, make sure you have done a small research about the companies you intend on meeting with. This way, you could anticipate their questions and offer them more customized products.


The next step would be scheduling creative meetings with your potential retailers. The pitch which you will send will play an important role in this. Keep your mail short and sweet and make sure that you only ask for a meeting, nothing more, nothing less!




Have you ever been to a wholesale craft show before? What are your approaches? Share your magic with our handmade community and grow together! Happy selling everyone!


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