Lush’s Handmade Story: Direct your Handmade Business towards Greatness!

We all love lush products. They look amazing and they smell even more delicious. The reason it is special is because they have put a lot of effort in the beginning and a lot of money on marketing in the “end”. The truth is that other handmade manufacturers make products with the same quality, but people have the perception that lush is number one.

The main reason why this is true is because Lush’s brand has connected with luxury, gentleness, relaxation and all the things that you love and desire. And because you desire those feelings, your subconscious thinks that Lush’s products will provide that to you. This is the basic concept of the marketing strategy of Lush.

How did the magic start?

The Lush’s brand story begins with Mark and Liz, both with solid backgrounds in the beauty industry. They are both from England where they started making natural hair and beauty products in the comfort of their home. They weren’t always the famous Lush, but just a small handmade cosmetics manufacturer, like many others out there.


At least not until they succeeded in making contact and cooperating with Body Shop. After connecting their business with the Body shop, they gained more knowledge in the trading subject and got the insights on how this industry works. However, this came at a price. They have been forbidden to open a retail shop and selling their products for 5 years. So, they end up opening a mail order cosmetic company. Their company, unfortunately, wasn’t a success and soon it was sold.


Instead of giving up, they decided to give it another go, so they opened a retail store. This is where they began using the name Lush. Soon after, two Canadians were amazed by the store and decided to open one in Vancouver as well. After that, Lush stores kept popping up all over the world and Lush became a synonym for freshness and relaxation in the bath!

Share with us your thought and opinions in the comment section bellow. Who knows, maybe someday, you could be the next Lush!

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