Lefrac – Italian woolish fashion bags for every taste

Lefrac is an extraordinary handmade company from Italy, where the products are created with love and passion. The founder of this brand and the woman who dedicated all her life to this business was born in a family where everyone could recognize a high-quality material and create something special from it.

The designer absolutely loves her job, she has a passion for design, home decors, fabrics, and colors. This job was her love at first sight. She combines all her interests and creates something hard, something soft, a bag, maybe a dress, or simply a box of flowers. All of the used materials are 100% high-quality Italian materials.

Lefrac leather bags are made from this amazing material. They are much more than just an accessory, lefrac bags are an expression of feelings and creativity. It is a whole line created with a lot of patience, where nothing is left to chance. Every stitch, each piece of fabric, color, and material are carefully researched and chosen. The wool is environmentally and friendly material, renewable, sustainable, water resistant and also biodegradable.

Every bag is strictly done by hand. Each little piece of the bag is carefully hand cut with a pair of small scissors, and sewn in part with a homemade sewing machine. All the small parts and finishes of Lefrac bags are hand sewn. All of this is made so you could have a chance to wear a unique product, with small imperfections, different from the others. They are simple yet very elegant and stylish and will give a special charm to your complete outlook.

Most of the bags are designed for a daily use, especially for that woman who need a comfortable and roomy bag where you could put all your necessary things. The bags are made of 90% wool and 10% cotton. It is because of the fact that this kind is softer and lightweight, yet rigid enough to stand by itself right exactly as you can see it in the pictures.

Beside of these wonderful women bags, Lefrac offers Messenger bags for men, with a very simple but stylish look. They are also very comfortable and lightweight, very suitable for everyday life. With two internal pockets for your wallet and phone, they ensure greater security to your personal stuff.

There is also a wide range of other accessories like these lovely handmade flower pins in different colors, that you can wear on your bag, coat, blazer or hat for every occasion.

When it comes to care and maintenance, you should follow some instructions.

Lefrac leather bag does not require washing because they naturally repel dirt and water. In case you get it wet it, you should let it air-dry. Wipe off splits immediately.

Remove food stains only by scraping.

If you decide to wash it, you should only do it by hand with lukewarm water and you should follow the wool washing instructions. Please consider soaking it for long periods of time. After washing, squeeze the extra water off between two towels.

You can visit Lefrac store on Etsy, https://www.etsy.com/shop/Lefrac, and chose your favorite handmade leather bag which best meets your needs.

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