Handmade home: only one piece of handmade furniture could animate the whole living room or a coffee shop!

Handmade products are divine pieces because they contain a uniqueness and attention to details that can’t be noticed in any other product on the market. Handmade furniture, on the other hand, has combined in them the custom design of each piece and the carefully crafted process that every piece of furniture should go through!

This time we are bringing to your attention the story of Jo and Ali who have handcrafted their way into the European market. They have founded their company in 2010 and their sole intention was making handmade products for their local market. However, Istanbul, Turkey is a tourist destination and designers around the world have started noticing their elegant designs and comfortable pieces. After realizing the opportunity of going worldwide, their international story began!

They opened an online Etsy shop where they can sell their handmade furniture and people loved it. It wasn’t too long before they started appearing in magazines such as ELLE decoration and MAISON Francaise. After this, they have conquered the Poland market and stated their appearance in the French market in 2012.

What is appealing about their designs is the connection between the eastern colorful culture and the elegance of the western homes. Even though their designs are colorful, they focus on one main shade that will brighten the space in any dull environment. You only need one piece in the whole place that will give a whole other perspective to the place.

The choice of colors and shades which are beautifully paired is making them combinable with every style of living room or coffee shop. Nowadays, the products of Namedesign studio are being sold worldwide to everyone who wants to bring some color into their life.

Not so long ago, their patchwork flair has been presented to the United States market and the customers seem to enjoy the vibrant masterpieces. The stuff is communicative and kind and they will make sure their customers are satisfied with every step of the purchase, from the ordering to the delivery. The delivery time is less than one month and the staff is keeping you up to date with the product’s traveling progress. However, before ordering, we advise you to take a look at multiple pictures since on some photos, the colors are not caught realistically. They tend to be brighter in the pictures than the actual product’s photo.

Each piece they are producing is unique and handcrafted, so if you like to illuminate your coffee shop with some of their designs keep that in mind. Even though the materials being used in the production process have the same patterns, differences from one product to another must occur. After all, every handmade piece has their own stamp and this is the exact reason why we love them so much.


Do you have a weakness for vintage handmade products as well? Let us know what you love about these handmade home designs. Namedesignstudio has truly managed to turn their passion into a business. Let that be an inspiration to all the small handmade crafters out there who are looking forward to this point of their lives!

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  1. SewandSew says:

    I’ve just favourited their Etsy shop and have my eye on a few pieces that will be perfect for when we move into our first house. Thanks for sharing the designs of such talented individuals.


    1. handmadeunq says:

      Great, we are glad you like them. Good luck in your new home! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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