Wedgewood Handmade Ceramics… Good enough for Royals

Starting with tea pots, finishing with hand painted plates, Wedgewood is an inspiring and prestigious English brand that gives the morning tea ritual a certain luxury. The quality and design of their products are good enough for the royals and an absolute pleasure for the rest of the world, especially when the company decides to lower the price of their items.

The brand was established more than 360 years ago and it is a Finish legacy. Wedgwood is part of the Fiskars Groupation and the brand’s quality creates iconic handmade items that are suitable for the ones with sophisticated taste in ceramics.

However, their success did not happen by accident. They have been supplying royal families with their beautiful craftsmanship that can only be described as practical for of art. Their brand vision is not to create wonderful pieces, but, make the finest piece of art from a simple dining table.

wonderlust-1 handmade-buzz wedgewood

The Wedgwood ceramics are handmade pieces made by skilled crafters and designed by design experts who aspire to keep the tradition and implement some modern elements. Each handcrafted piece requires more than 30 hours to make and no less than 3 days.

How it’s made

The first phase – jigger includes molds that shape the places and pots. The material used in the process is high-quality clay which of course is rather difficult to work with.

The second phase – sponging is a process where the excess clay is removed so that the piece is smooth and spotless. The shaping is done by firing the pieces at a certain temperature that doesn’t allow cracks to be formed. After this, the art begins…

wonderlust-tea-top handmade-buzz

The last stage is decorating the pieces and this is where the magic happens. The designs are either hand painted or lithographed. After this, a second firing phase is in order. Further decoration includes enameling and prestige raising. Traditionally royals used golden plates for their dining experience. Even though at the time this was solely because of prestigious reasons, believe it or not, today, there’s more to it.

Edible gold

The tradition first appeared in Alexandria in Egypt. 5000 years ago Egyptians believed that eating gold or eating from golden plates will raise your life force and it will purify your spirit. Many years after that, in Europe, it was used by doctors for comforting soreness.


Today, scientists have studied the effects of ingesting gold and it is still considered as a mineral that is not only tolerated by the human body, but it has some great effects, both physical and emotional.

Wedgewood decided to keep this tradition and decorate their pieces with liquid gold. However, perfection comes with control. Each piece is manually selected before packing.

This is how a small craftsmanship in the heart of England became a prestigious brand!


Be inspired!

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