Something to remember us by!

Anna Brightonn, was always an enthusiast for handmade items. She had a small shop in the heart of Europe that she enjoyed working in. Her twin sister Dahlia Brightonn however, started her carrier by working in a big Soap manufacturing company. They always had the same quarrel over which products are better until they started an experiment as a Sunday joke.

They decided to stop using commercial products for the hair and each one of them to use their own company’s product. After only a year and a half the difference was obvious. The curls on Dahlia hair were straightened and her hair was lifeless, while Anna was the official winner in their family circle.

What started as a joke, they decided to take on the next level and start a handmade platform that will share the mastery behind the handmade items. “On handmade-buzz” we are committed to sharing small handmade products and companies that use products with the highest quality in creating the final product”. This is what handmade is all about. Instead of choosing the cheapest option, handmade crafters go for the one with the highest quality. By doing so, they create value for the whole industry and the users are able to try beautiful products that were made with love and dedication!

Handmade-buzz is a small company that is headed for great changes! With the help of our fellow crafters, we are hoping change the views for the handmade industry and picture it as fascinating as it is!

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